Cinematic Style Camera Moves meet True Portability

Click to go to Zebra Media's Polecam WebsitePolecam - developed in the U.K. and used extensively in Europe - is spreading to the the U.S. It is being discovered by producers of all kinds as a great way to get sweeping beauty shots fast and efficiently.

Polecam provides smooth floating jib arm shots, with the ability to relocate with ease. The Polecam can be operated from a body harness or conventional tripod, with a relocation time being as long as it takes to walk there. The average rig time is 20 minutes with de-rig time of 15 minutes.

The mini camera head, available in SD or HD formats, is mounted on a custom made pan & tilt unit, with joystick, allowing the camera to be moved quickly and smoothly. This is not some home-spun do-it-yourself jib...it's the real deal. With millions of dollars put into it's development over the years, this is the cadillac of mini-cranes. The entire head weighs less than 1 pound and is therefore very appealing from a safety aspect. Outputs can be fed from component, composite or HD-SDI to live feed inputs or the recording deck of your choice. Polecam can be used in a wide variety of applications ranging from sport, music, documentary, event coverage, medical, corporate, wildlife and more.Polecam Guy

Polecam is a great addition to any production for b-roll and really adds the 'wow' factor. It's especially useful for subjects such educational and corporate where content can tend look a little flat. Polecam just has a way of taking something very every day and ordinary and making it look more exciting. The production value really gets kicked up a few notches whenever polecam shots become part of the show.

For more detailed info and specs, go to Zebra Media's Polecam Site.

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