Freelance Services

Zebra Media has been hired by agencies, independent producers, networks and partnered with writers and other freelancers to provide camera and/or director of photography (DOP) work.

Customized Supplemental Services

If you or your company already has video gear, but not experienced help for example, you can hire Zebra Media to provide you with the expertise to take your idea from concept-to-screen. If you have need for certain services like a camera operator or video editing but you prefer to handle other portions of the project, like the script or providing in-house talent, I'm flexible in those scenarios.

Complete Video Services

On projects that call for a complete solution from start to finish, I can walk you through the entire process to create an effective customized video production. The process begins with learning about your business/project and it's goals, quoting the project accordingly - with various options if needed - and then crafting your message into a finished production that is not cookie-cutter, but one that communicates your ideas to your audience effectively. Zebra Media is sensitive to budget limitations and works hard to deliver the most bang for the buck.